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Having 15+ Years of Experience in Legal Service in Faridabad City

We, Advocate & Consultants, are a full-service law firm based in Faridabad, having a balanced and qualified team of professionals expertized in Civil Matters, Criminal Cases, Cheque Bounce Cases, Matrimonial Disputes, Domestic Violence Cases, MACT(Claim Cases), Recovery Suits services with accumulated expertise of almost 15 years to offer to our client. Our Offices are providing the best and most expert legal services to Clients. Today it has become the beacon of trust and transparency.
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When you work with Advocate & Consultants, you don’t just get the experience of an individual. You get a purpose-built, tightly woven network of legal thought leaders who marry their passion for business with a deep, focused understanding of the law. Most importantly, we’re devoted to assisting you in making meaningful progress toward your objectives—transforming large ideas into concrete plans—while keeping the process as simple and pleasant as possible. We always handle our customers with the highest respect and courtesy.
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We are a premier full-service law firm with the knowledge and experience required to address the opportunities and challenges faced by our clients in important and growing industry sectors in Faridabad. We pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality professional and personal service via our lawyers and team members working collaboratively across all of our offices and practices in order for our clients to achieve their goals.


We will continue to offer exceptional, efficient, and responsive service by recruiting, training, and keeping skilled lawyers and staff members dedicated to customer service excellence while maintaining a creative, diverse, and inclusive atmosphere that promotes corporate growth and productivity. We will deploy our resources, including technological improvements, to assist our lawyers and staff members in their work on our client’s behalf.


  • Providing our clients with a high level of service throughout the representation process.
  • Being recognized as a legal powerhouse for our extraordinary results and community service.
  • Upholding and protecting the rights of the people.
  • Making our community a good place.
  • Educating the public about their rights.